Saturday, November 15, 2014

welcome to the classroom.

This blog Is solely dedicated to making sense of where your money is going and how to mitigate the black hole that is trying to live the American dream or become a millionaire or even lower your overall debts. The main goal is to give you not only the numbers behind the how and why but also to give you the solutions to make those numbers work in your favor.

This will consist of a condensed version of common money saving searches and the practical application of these searches. that being said, I want you to be able to indulge in your bad habits, I want you to be able to live life, but I want you to be smart about it and do it in a way that you wont spend all your hard earned money.

 If you don't have to work a million hours to live the good life then why should you?
I am not opposed to the prospect of hard work reaping rewards, but you have to pay yourself first.

Why throw your money away?
You earned ever penny of it, sweating it out as labor or pushing papers in the nine to five grind.

The motto around my household is simply this; Just Fucking Do It

I want to pay off my car
Answer: just fucking do it

I want to pay less to heat my home in the winter
Answer: just fucking do it

I want to be debt free
Answer: just fucking do it

Now on the flip side of the Bipolar personality of my house

I really want this big screen tv

This is one instance of just fucking do it is not the way to go. A secondary set of questions should be asked before your big screen is resting in your living room

What other debts would the price of this help me pay off?

Can I pay cash for this or will I have to fiance it?

Do I really need to buy it new or can I use a service similar to craigs list and find it for a deep discount?

Realistically,  you will always have something you can pay extra on. be it something you are financing now or that trip you always wanted.  If there is someone demanding money from you it should always be priority. Even the smallest debts can get out of hand if you don't pay them promptly.

If there are bills in the mail box and the noose is pulling tight just recite "All thing eventual" like a zen mantra keeping you from regretting spending money on something that isn't a basic human necessity. Ive gone without a lot of things I thought I could never live without. As a former proud member of the armed forces, I have found myself in some of the most adverse conditions known to man. I'm still here, so you folks out there will be fine without a heated toilet seat that blows smoke rings in your ass.

now say it with me folks "all thing eventual" feel that unrelenting desire leave your body, imagine owning everything your paying on outright, Imagine owning that self powering, self heating home and never paying anyone for anything unless you really want to. Imagine looking at that fat bank account with that fat retirement plan and watching it grow every year.

Got your attention yet?

strap on those boots and prepare to fight a winning battle with your finances. It will be a hard battle, weighing out if you want to win battle by battle or if you want to win the war. sacrifices will be made but for the greater good. you may get dirty, you may get dinged up, you may have to cut star bucks out of your diet. but you will come out on top.

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