Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dirt cheap furniture part 2

I'm on a roll with building furnishings that are cheap, sturdy and more often than not look great.
This time I acquired a veneered table top that was destined for the landfill. The table top plus some industrial shipping crates, a weathered 4x4 from a fence and a piece of scrap 2x4 wall stud, made a wonderful TV stand for my wife.

We had initial constructed it from some wood left at the house by the previous owner. It was unfinished and looked like it was thrown together on a whim. Although it was functional it was nothing to look at and I felt that it needed and update


The second set of shelves I added on after finishing the stand were constructed from the original TV stand and allowed for that cats to look out the window while providing a place to put some of the TV related stuff

The Build as a whole was fairly easy, I cut a total of  5 pieces of wood and the rest was assembly sanding and finishing. the budget was nearly free, I had to buy all of the screws and finish previously for the laundry table build and used the leftover for this with plenty to spare. I used a miter saw, a couple of sanders and a drill/ impact driver to assemble the whole thing. the lumber as I said above was what some would be sending to the landfill but I managed to rescue it and re purpose it. I enjoy doing these kind of things and Save quite a bit of money on furnishings in the long run. the satisfaction of looking at something you built and being able to say that you built it is a wonderful feeling.

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