Monday, August 3, 2015

Budget leakage: Part two

 Technology is the life blood of the world at this point in time. Nearly everyone has some form of electronics and probably uses at least one of them on a daily basis. These things you own are probably phantom leeches on your power bill and can easily be stopped from draining money from your pocket.

I was married, divorced and now remarried, this being said I have twice the number of game consoles and TV's as a normal household. you may look at your TV and notice the little red light on it(assuming you have a modern TV) this should be the red flag that it is using power even when it is off. If you own high end electronics then you probably own at least one surge protector, this is where you can kill off any excess power usage from your electronics. I haven't done an official study on how much my electronics pull. but a Google search turned up a data sheet of various products on standby   which should prove to be Enlightening if applied to your current set up in life. just having your laptop power supply plugged in can pull 4 watts. A Watt meter can be plugged in along with whatever you think is eating up the most power to confirm it. This goes along with a saying I commonly use "the things you don't know....." which commonly indicates a failure of proper knowledge in any one subject.

 A translation of watts into what your monthly bill is measured in can be calculated here.

 or for the math wizards it looks like this

KWH= Watts * Hours/ 1000

It may surprise you month to month to know you could have saved enough for a date night with you significant other just by turning off a few surge protectors and unplugging a few things not currently in use.

This concludes budget leakage part two, as always comments, questions and petting my ego are welcome. stay tuned for more tricks and tips.

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