Monday, August 10, 2015

Enzyme cleaner part one

Making your own cleaning products is not only rewarding in knowledge but also a very economical way to not only reuse things that would otherwise be throw away, but also save at least 1/3rd of what you would be paying for a cleaner from a store.

If you have ever seen orange clean or a similar orange based degreaser, you will have some knowledge of what we are attempting to create here today. the concept is simple, take orange peels and other scraps you would otherwise throw away and ferment it in water with sugar added for roughly a month. the process can be expedited by adding some form of yeast to increase the rate of fermentation.

The materials you will need are

A container ( I used an empty 5 liter vinegar bottle)

1/2 cup brown suger per liter

water ( leave room for the other ingredients)

2 cups of orange peels/lemon peels/lime peels

combine the ingredients and shake daily for a week or so, after a month strain off the solids and you will have your cleaner

Also, ensure the container is ventilated, I made an Airlock for mine out of some small tubing but you can loosen the lid. Explosions may occur if  pressure is allowed to build up in the container.

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