Tuesday, August 25, 2015

making technology work for you: part one

The evolution of technology is mind boggling. cars have more computers then the first N.A.S.A space shuttle and we can carry infinite amounts of information in our pockets. Although I will not knock you many hours of candy crush and aimlessly watching cat videos, I will however point out that you can utilize that smart phone you pay so much money for every month to do a  wide array of things outside email, app games and Facebook.

   This Series of posts is targeted to those unaware of the capacity of one smart phone as it pertains to the main subject of this blog.

Coupons: you can download them through apps on your phone and use them at many stores. This being said I will remind you that just because you can get 200 tubes of tooth paste for a penny a peice that you shouldnt do it as it make as much sense as an addition hole in your head

Bar code scanning: your phone is capable of scanning bar codes and this can be used to find better deals on things. the amazon app actually has a feature that allows you to scan the object itself and it will find it on amazon.

Inventorying your pantry: you can scan the bar codes right from your pantry and even build shopping lists and weekly menus from what you have in your cupboards.

Note taking: This is something I use often as it will sync my notes onto my google+ account and onto any devices using the note taking software.

Checking your heart rate: I honestly was surprised by this function when I upgraded my phone recently. It does do it and although shaky at time it does it ok

Tracking your daily steps: got that Fitness goal in mind? your phone can help you with that.

Online Banking: Many companies have an app for Online banking. I personally use USAA, yet another perk of being a veteran is USAA's online banking app which I can use to not only check my accounts but also pay my Insurance through them in one go. Not to mention they have Bill pay, Investments and a Variety of other services

The only limitation is what Apps they come out with to accentuate the phones features. If you would like to read more on this post a comment in the comment section and I will start reviewing phone apps that I have found useful.

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