Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tomatoes: infinite plants

As has been the most popular post, I am going to continue with cloning. Tomato plants are the easiest to clone and can actually be strengthened through the same method.
The secret is the small hairs on the stock. They are essentially roots, which means if you bury a tomato to the first leaf it will create a deeper root system. This is how I saved my plants that were sickly at the start of the year by pruning all but the top leaf set and burying the stock deeper.
  On the cloning aspect of things, if you have a second branch growing between the main stem and one of the leaf stems you can use that branch to clone the main plant. The process is simple, take your cutting and put it in water or soil and wait. With the soil I put it in a solo cup and put a 9 Oz clear plastic cup over the top to create a humid environment. This process I use for all my clones being transferred into soil.
  The problem you may encounter is mold. I mix  1 tsp baking soda in 24 Oz of water and use that in a spray bottle to alter the pH, taking the molds ability to grow away. It has been a successful solution across all of my plants that I have started indoors.

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