Saturday, August 1, 2015

gardening mad science: Part 1

This post will be a chronicle of various semi-scientific methods used to generate an army of super  plants for your newly constructed garden and keep them healthy by using common household items.. I'm hoping to include photos of my successes and failures  as they happen.

The subjects I plan on covering over the span of this haven't been full thought out as of yet. I don't have many remaining plants to experiment on because of a series of events including some wrathful hale here in Colorado and the associated rain that came with them. I will however try to cover cloning plants, perhaps some grafting as I can and some house hold remedies for disease on your tiny monsters(err Plants). as with many of my posts I will include links to the products I would recommend for undertaking the aspects of what  I am trying to accomplish and the hyper budget version of the same process.

Hopefully I have roused the budding mad scientist within you with this introduction. As always leave suggestions and corrections in the comments.

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